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Matt Lehrer

This month we’re welcoming the authors of the world’s first online rowing coaching training course, The Rowing Network.

Created jointly by Rowing Australia and Community Rowing Inc, this innovation is going to be revolutionary for every community rowing club who struggles to keep their coaches skilled and informed about the best ways to teach rowing and sculling and coxing.

Listen live on Tuesday 27th June 2017 at 9 pm UK time by clicking the YouTube video link.

Ron Batt

Ron Batt
Ron Batt

Ron has been involved in rowing for 25 years after trying the sport through a council funded learn to row program. He has been an athlete and a coach including running rowing clubs, working for a State Institute and also coached Junior, U23 and Senior National Teams. Since 2012 he’s been employed by Rowing Australia looking after the  national Coach education, participation and illicit drugs programs. He is passionate about opening the sport up to new people and increasing the opportunities for coaches to improve themselves.

Ron is giving away a Rowing Australia Cap as a prize.

Matt Lehrer

Matt Lehrer
Matt Lehrer

With a background in the sports industry domestically and abroad, Matt Lehrer is the Director of Coaching Education at Community Rowing, Inc. and the Institute for Rowing Leadership. Driven by the belief that sports present a unique arena to positively impact lives, his passion for working intensively with coaches to improve their craft is rooted by the profound influence sport has had on his life. His current role provides a myriad of opportunities to engage with coaches at all stages along the pathway of learning and an opportunity to grow the sport by driving positive athlete experiences through long-term coach development.

Matt is giving away a CRI hat as prize.

Get Your Rowing Questions Answered

As always, RowingChat will help you get questions answered about the best ways to educate and communicate successfully to your athletes.
Send us your questions by email, and we will endeavour to get you the answers you want.

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  1. Kathleen D says:

    Best ways or drills in your experience to teach proper body posture and angles in stroke to young teens learning to row whose quickly changing bodies can affect their feel and perceptions

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