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RowingChat with Phil Simmons

Phil Simmons, 2004 In the next episode of RowingChat, we welcome Phil Simmons, previous Olympic rower and now … read more

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Phil Simmons, 2004

Phil Simmons, GB Rowing

In the next episode of RowingChat, we welcome Phil Simmons, previous Olympic rower and now head of rowing at Kingston Grammar School.

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Phil Simmons has a long involvement in rowing from Junior team representation at the World Championships through to U23 and the Athens Olympics.

Phil Simmons started rowing with Ajax Sea Scouts and has received medals from most of the British rowing events as well as international regattas. He has won medals at Junior worlds, World cups, and Senior World Championships during his career as well as many domestic wins including three times at Henley Royal Regatta. Phil has been a member of Molesey Boat Club for many years as an athlete, volunteer coach and as vice-captain.

Phil began coaching whilst still an athlete spending five years at Lady Eleanor Holles School under the watchful eye of the recently deceased Beryl Crockford and then coached on and off at Molesey Boat Club where he coached the junior girls to the Championship Girls VIII Title at National Schools Regatta in 2006.
Now the Head of Rowing at Kingston Grammar School, he enthuses generations of school children to find their own enjoyment from rowing and sculling.

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