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RowingChat, free, 23rd of May with Ben Hunt-Davis: got your ticket yet?

Our next RowingChat is just days away and you have every reason to take advantage of this free … read more

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Team GB Kitting Out

Our next RowingChat is just days away and you have every reason to take advantage of this free chat as Olympic Gold Medal rower, Ben, will be answering your questions.

Remember, if you’re busy you’ll still get to hear the recording as long as you’ve signed up! Signing up gets your question into the chat so busy people still get a chance to be involved and can listen to Ben’s answers later.Be part of this RowingChat. Sign up at and ask a question of your own.

To make the most of this chat here are some of the questions we’ll be asking:

  • “What was your favourite workout on the ergo whilst in your winter training pre-Olympics?
    – Catriona
  • “What is the best drill you know of to achieve boat set in a sweep boat? Specifically a four person shell?”
    – David
  • “What do you think are the three most important lessons for a young athlete?”
    – Philip

Also don’t hesitate to explore Ben’s book “Will it make the boat go faster”, or maybe a short video to get you started.

For more on RowingChat just click over to our RowingChat page to see our future chats and how you can get the most out of it.

See you there!

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