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Rowing Workouts with Apple Watch

Power Row iPhone/Apple Watch App (iTunes store link) Power row app logo We just published a rowing app for … read more

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Power Row iPhone/Apple Watch App (iTunes store link)

/Users/rebeccacaroe/Downloads/power row.png Power row app logo

We just published a rowing app for the Apple Watch which may be of interest to users of this site. The Apple Watch currently only records HR/calories for rowing workouts.

This app records strokes, SPM, estimated distance, duration, calories, and heart rate — using the motion sensor on the Apple Watch. The paired iPhone app displays rowing workout history so you can track your progress.

Feedback is certainly appreciated, and hopefully this is useful to some of you!


7 thoughts on “Rowing Workouts with Apple Watch

    1. Christian – we found the Running app gives distance, time and also a map of where you went. Nothing yet AFAICS for rating (SPM) and split on an Apple watch.

  1. I went onto the app store to view the app. It has no ratings…. and if I want to try it I need to spend £2.99. How do I know it’s any good?

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