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The popular anthology of stories told by rowers announces a brand new book ready for Christmas 2019. It contains 36 separate stories by rowers and coaches from around the world compiled into a single volume.

Rowing is a sport characterised by great story-tellers – witness the number of people who enjoy reunions and regatta meetings where there is time to reminisce. The sheer variety of tales showcases the many very different ways people enjoy the sport. This volume has stories about rowing and animals; stories about personal fulfilment and relief from anxiety; stories re-living past glories and stories about unexpected triumphs.

Editor Rebecca Caroe said

“I delight in the variety of stories and the generosity of the authors. Our headline achievement is getting a story from Judy Rantz Willman, the daughter of The Boys in the Boat book’s Joe Rantz. She has written about what he was like as a father and family man and her deep personal relationship with him. This is a very special tale and if you have read Dan Brown’s bestseller,The Boys In The Boat, you will love this addendum.”

She hosts the rowing podcast and uses interviews on the show to collect stories from her guests. This produced a most unexpected couple of tales.

“Drew Ginn and Eric Murray are two very different, successful oarsmen who happen to have been coached by the same man, Noel Donaldson. His comparison of the two and their unique abilities to multitask gives us insight into what makes a top athlete.”

Authors include Bryan Volpenhein (US Rowing and Penn) with a story about “Faking Erg Scores” and Bryan Kitch ( whose sartorial errors at Henley Royal Regatta will make you wince.

Sometimes great rowing tales make it into the newspaper and the Henley Helmet Heist is about high jinks by a visiting crew from Northwestern University and their search for a regatta trophy.

Prominent authors in the 2019 volume include David Calder (Canada Rowing Aviron),William de Laszlo (Guinness World Record Holder for Round UK mainland row), Jim Dietz (US Rowing and UMass), Lawrence Fogelberg (Winner of first Head of the Charles 1965), Martin Cross (Olympian and World Rowing Commentator) and Alan Campbell (GB Rowing).

This year’s book cover is designed by Vera Buscu, a New Zealand artist who has based her design on the New Zealand mens pair who won Silver at the World Championships this year.

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