Rowing Humor and Other Christmas Funnies


Florida: Sarasota. I love it. Every year I drive and see this nice post in the city.

And this is how it looks during daytime

To help put you into the Christmas mood and before you begin your Christmas pudding or mulled wine, here are a few giggles to get you warmed up.

More starboard! Rowing Santa and Other Christmas Funnies

Rowing Santa, we know you’d never fit into the cox’s seat! And you’d know better than to put all your biggest rowers on Port (after that whole Rudolph fiasco!)

Long Shift Rowing Santa and Other Christmas Funnies

This wouldn’t have happened if you’d turned up the training, Prancer!

Santa Chooses Lineup Oariginals Christmas Reindeer Rowing

Crew selection in the workplace! Cruel and unusual punishment? On Christmas, we think so!

A Rower's Christmas List Rowing Santa and Other Christmas FunniesPlease, Santa, I’ve been really good this season!

Stationary Coxswain Rowing Santa and Other Christmas Funnies

What to get your coxswain for Christmas when they want to be part of the erg tests.

Rowing Santa and Other Christmas Funnies British Rowing

Frigid rowing conditions. A little Christmas spirit will get you through the harshest of rows. (British Rowing).

A Rowing Christmas

And a finish in the top three!

A Happy Rowing Christmas to you from Rowperfect!


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