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What news? Online in Rowing this week…

You know this blog well now – we really value your regular readership and so we thought we’d … read more

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You know this blog well now – we really value your regular readership and so we thought we’d share some of the rowing news stories we found online which are interesting, quirky and instructional with you each week.

No commentary, no pushing our products, just an opportunity to enjoy tales about others who also love rowing.

And of course, if you have news that you think other readers would enjoy – send it to us via our contact page.  Each day we tweet and retweet short rowing news links that our followers are sharing – to get these follow @rowperfect on Twitter.  And this weekly round-up is for a short list of interesting, in-depth articles for you to read over the weekend.

This week in the rowing online news several stories caught our eye:

The data suggest that physiological and performance tests performed on a rowing ergometer are not good indicators of on water performance. While it is a common practice for many, rowing coaches and sport scientists should be cautious when using the rowing ergometer to predict on water performance or select rowing crews.

  • Brockville Rowing Club, Canada hosts a Christmas Day dinner for 115 less fortunate locals.

“They say that the one amazing gift that they can receive is just not to spend Christmas alone. It’s fantastic that we can do this community dinner year after year

There are also lots of rowing-related photos and artifacts, Elser explained. That’s because Elser rowed on Yale’s crew team, then went on to coach Yale’s lightweight freshman rowing team for eight years. He’ll be bringing back a photo of Guy Nichols, Yale’s first professional rowing coach—as well as the oar Nichols used as a student in the Oxford-Cambridge race of 1893.

“I’m blowed if I know what my secret is,” Strachan said. “I suppose it’s persistence. I’m very active in association with younger people and that brings my age down and raises theirs.”

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