Rowing innovations – what are the keys to success?

There’s a long list of failed inventions in rowing from oars with triple ridged spoons to snub-nosed boats.  Most that fail, fail fast.  Some are quickly forgotten and others struggle on becoming niche products with loyal users but ignored by the mainstream.

Rocat the Rowing Catamaran
Rocat the Rowing Catamaran

Rowing innovations continue – we’ve featured some on the blog here and many now choose Kickstarter (here and here) fund-raising as a way of broadening investment and increasing their chances of survival.

Today we want to celebrate one that failed – the rowing catamaran. We got this message from the founder

A long time ago you wrote a piece about my rowing catamaran – well, sadly, the 7-year project collapsed when I couldn’t raise the investment I needed to take it into full production. Such a familiar story in Britain where a completely new product is just far too risky – but painful nonetheless.

However, I decided to write it up and post the saga for anybody who might find it interesting, and I thought you might fall into that category

Read the story of the RoCat

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