Rowing in a thunderstorm

A reader asks

Lake Snåsavatn in Norway before a thunderstorm...
Lake Snåsavatn in Norway before a thunderstorm comes up (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What to do if on the water when thunder and lightening start and the shore is quite far away?

This is a difficult situation because, as you know, getting off the water as fast as possible is recommended during lightning storms but you have to weigh it up against the speed of the approaching storm and the distance from the shore.

You have to make a decision with the safety of the crew in mind.

Each situation could be different.

My view is that as you hear the storm approaching, turn and head for home if you are a long way from the shore, row faster towards home.

We wrote this blog post about rowing in lightning storms and you may find it’s links useful as you form your own views.

Anyone more expert than us got better advice?

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