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New Rowing Gloves for sale

We’re very excited to present the first glove designed specifically for sculling and rowing. Rowing glove bow side … read more

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We’re very excited to present the first glove designed specifically for sculling and rowing.

Rowing glove bow side Rowing glove bow side

The design has some great features

  • jointed spaces down the backs of fingers
  • textured palm and finger grip pattern
  • elasticated finger backs
  • synthetic suede fabric
  • velcro closure

There are two designs – smooth palm and textured grippy palm.

The basic idea is to select a textured palm for your inside hand on rowing or for both hands for sculling.

Rowing glove Stroke Side Rowing glove Stroke Side

We sent pairs out for testing and Gilly from Weybridge Ladies ARC kindly agreed to help us out.  She went on the 21st British Rowing Tour, hosted by Upton Rowing Club.

The tour will pass through to Upton on its journey along the River Severn, starting at Worcester and completing at the southern end of the Sharpness Canal near Gloucester, a distance of 70.5 km.

So we thought that was a pretty good workout for the product.

Rowing Glove test results

This is what Gilly wrote for us.

I don’t normally use gloves – I relay on tape for vulnerable areas of my hands.

We did around 10-12 hours of sculling in total over 5 days.

My first impressions were that they felt very tight but they did ease.  They are comfortable and I like the look and feel of them.  We worried initially about the seam across the base of the middle finger – but this wasn’t an issue.

They are a bit fiddly to get on and off but that improved with practice.

We got lots of comments from other rowers who wanted to know where we got them from!

I always blister if rowing for a long time.  Wearing the glovers, I had no blisters.

My friend Libby developed one blister at the base of her ring finger possibly because there was a fold in the glove.

No problems arose from the seams we were worried about.  I really like these gloves and we would both buy them.

Get yourself rowing and sculling gloves

Sizing is critical to getting the right gloves.  Please measure your hands (all the way around) before buying

rowing glove palm measure rowing glove palm measure

  • XX Small < 15 – 17 cm [child size]
  • X Small 17 – 18.5 cm
  • Small 18.5 – 20 cm
  • Medium 20 – 21.5 cm
  • Large 21.5 – 23 cm
  • X Large 23 – 25 cm

When measuring, make sure to measure the CIRCUMFERENCE across the widest part of your palm, halfway between your thumb and forefinger, straight across to the edge of your hand as shown, with your fingers outstretched.

Use your best judgment when determining which size best suits your hand type. For example, a slender hand and a thick hand may have the same width, but not the same fit. If your fingers are thick and you’re on the border between two sizes, go with the larger size.

A word of warning – most men say that the large size is too small and so we recommend you measure your palm carefully and if in doubt – go a size larger.

Recommended gloves

  • Rowing – bow side / starboard (select right hand plain, left hand textured)
  • Rowing – stroke side / port  (select left hand plain, right hand textured)
  • Sculling – [both hands textured]
  • Scull and row? Buy an extra textured glove for sculling so you have 2 textured
  • Row on both sides?  Buy one set of each

Choose textured or plain palm and please state your size in the Special Instructions box when you order.

Buy now from the Rowperfect shop

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