Rowing Anorak review


Angus Groom reviewed the new Rowing Anorak and here is his feedback:

Angus Groom tests the rowing anorakAngus Groom tests the rowing anorak

First of all, I thought it was generally excellent- there are a lot of different types splash jackets out there and some work and some don’t.

At first glance, it looked like it’s going to be quite thick and heavy but I was surprised at how light and flexible it is, and it scrunches up small as well. I really like the material – it’s really waterproof and light and flexible – some of the splash jackets I’ve tried before are quite difficult to move in but this one is great. It feels like a running waterproof!

It’s warm, but you don’t overheat in it so it’s nice and breathable. Some other ones I’ve had in the past can be described as “boil in the bag”, but this one is great.

My only comments for improvement on it would be that I think the sticky stripe that goes round the bottom of the jacket could be a bit wider. The other thing I would say is that it’s quite long on the body. I have quite a long body proportionally to my legs and I probably could have had an inch taken off the bottom of the jacket and it would be a comfortable fit. The rest of the fit was excellent though – the sleeves are a good length (which is sometimes an issue with long-sleeved items and rowers), and it didn’t feel too tight or baggy in the slightest. The hood was quite a nice addition as well!

Overall, I think its a great product and I would definitely recommend it!


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