Retailing in a recession


Rowperfect has long tried to deliver three things to its customers:

  • High quality products
  • Value for money
  • Excellent customer service

Like many firms the slowdown in the economy is expected to affect our business.In addition, we buy some of our products from Australia and America and so there are changes in the currency exchange rates to consider as well.

The Economist magazine says

The downturn will accelerate the use of social media, such as blogs and social networking sites, by consumers looking for intelligence on firms and their products. As trust in brands is eroded, people will place more value on recommendations from friends. Social media make it harder for brands to pull the wool over consumers eyes, but they also offer canny companies a powerful new channel through which to promote their wares and test new products and pricing strategies.

Marketersignore the messages that emanate from these groups at their peril. For one thing is clear: this recession has triggered a wholesale reapppraisal by shoppers of the value that their habitual brands deliver. The winners will be those that adapt intellligently to the new reality. The losers will be those who think they can win simply by telling consumers to Want it!

We are trying to offer you products across the range of athlete and coach needs from beginners to Olympians and so we want to tell you a bit about how weve adjusted our prices and our products to try and enable you, our customers, to get good quality rowing and sculling equipment at a fair price that will suit your needs.


We have worked with Dreher to build a new type of sculling oar that fits between the fixed length scull (270) and the carbon adjustable (399).This is called the top of the range the Aero scull is a new aerofoil shaft design for elite and veteran athletes seeking incremental boat speed from an aerodynamic design.


Taking advantage of the Australian dollar exchange rate not having changed much against the Pound, we are trying to keep the price of all Coxmates unchanged. The range now includes coxless boat speed / rate / time measurement with Coxmate HC (167) as well as the coxed boat range of AA (voice) 196, SRT (time / rate) 270 and SCT (speed )588. We are shortly going to reveal an improved SRT with a larger display screen – at the same price as the old model.

Additionally weve added the rate-only Cadence watch (59.99) which is a lower price product for rowers and scullers who want to know ratings in an easy-to-use model that isnt tied to use in a boat with wires.

Please take time to read the customer reviews that are on our shop. Each product has at the bottom of the page a button Write Review and if you want to add your views to the ones already there, please do.

We are already getting increased enquiries from clubs whove never bought our products before. They have used internet search to research prices for rowing and sculling equipment. We offer a demonstration trial to those who want to check how these brands work in practice and we find that around 90% of people who try Dreher and Coxmate buy the trial unit.


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  1. rebecca


    Delighted you are taking the plunge. Send us an address where they can be signed for because we use a courier not Royal Mail for oar shipments. You can give them a whirl for two weeks and let us know how you go.

    If you send an email round the club too, we can offer you 5% off the price.


  2. nicolawoods

    sorry to hear about eileen, i lived next door toher and stanley

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