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Regatta Radio to take a “hiatus” in 2015

An email received from Regatta Radio – who Rowperfect have supported for many years. A sad announcement that … read more

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An email received from Regatta Radio – who Rowperfect have supported for many years.

A sad announcement that Regatta Radio will not broadcast during HRR 2015 because the Stewards have make alternative arrangements.  Seems to us that they could have invited the radio commentators to join the live streaming commentary service…. or is that just too obvious?

You will already be aware of HRR’s announcement that they will be streaming live video of all races this year. This is a hugely exciting step for the regatta as they develop a broadcast strategy that will bring the colour and spectacle of HRR to a wider audience.

This news has however made the 2015 situation for Regatta Radio more tenuous. Firstly from a technical perspective, we already struggle with our commentary kit that in places is heavily dependent on the strained 3G mobile network. Add to this spectators trying to stream video on their devices and you will immediately recognise the importance of a kit upgrade away from 3G for Regatta Radio. This means raising more money than ever, however the anticipated loss of our online audience is already affecting our ability to attract sponsors and advertisers.

It’s a perfect storm that, the board and I agree, make it unfeasible to go ahead with our production this year. So, following 9 successful years of radio coverage, Regatta Radio will be taking a sabbatical during the 2015 regatta.

On the bright side, the board and I have been having really meaningful dialogue with Sir Steve Redgrave and other members of the Committee of Management, who have been speaking very enthusiastically about becoming more involved with Regatta Radio in future years. They see us as an integral part of the regatta goer and athlete experience. Unfortunately, with HRR’s major commitment of making a TV production work, it will have to wait until next year. Although another significant upshot is the potential to draw many of our commentators into supporting the TV production year-on-year – hopefully starting this year!

We have informed HRR of our intended sabbatical but felt it only right that everyone who is involved in ‘putting on the RR show’ should be next to know prior to an announcement at the weekend. We would appreciate you keeping this news to yourselves until the wider press release is issued to ensure Chinese whispers don’t spoil what is in fact a positive message for the long term future of Regatta Radio.

As always, we’re eager for your thoughts and views… please feel free to drop me an email.

All the best,

Peter O’Hanlon

Chairman, Regatta Radio

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2 thoughts on “Regatta Radio to take a “hiatus” in 2015

  1. I think there is a plan to use some of the Regatta Radio commentary team on the new streaming service. I’m hoping to be involved in some way or other.

    1. Daniel – that sounds like a great opportunity for both parties – I’m sure the ‘relaxed’ @RegattaRadio commentary style can be successfully merged with the formality of the HRR Stewards’ style. Good luck

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