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Red Sea – Coastal Rowing in Eqypt

Some say, rowing is as old as humanity. Many findings in different cultural areas were proving, that rowing … read more

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Some say, rowing is as old as humanity. Many findings in different cultural areas were proving, that rowing was an important activity next to plowing and hunting in Eqypt.

Red Sea Beaches along our row

In ancient Egypt, water transportation with a boat and the help of an oar had a particular function:  It was a vital necessity for trade and food hunting. Historians suggested that transportation of merchandise carried out by professional rowers were the main reasons for rowing in that time. Pleasure rowing came also in the picture: Rowing became a part of a cultural activity, such as boat trips to the great temples and pyramids.

Rowperfect is planning a Red Sea Coastal Rowing trip in Egypt

We were orchestrating this trip for quite some time and finally we received the ok from the Egyptian Government. We can start the detailed preparations now. The tour will start mid October 2019.

What is the Red Sea Coastal Rowing Tour?

This Red Sea Coastal Rowing tour is designe d for rowers who want to spent seven or ten days in an oriental environment, not missing too much of the occidental rowing experience. After we pick you up at the airport we take you to our boarding place and start rowing. You will discover the natural and historical treasures of the red sea. We board at Port Galib and row along the coast, visit Wadi el Gemal and other beautiful areas  during your holiday in Egypt.

Wadi el Gemal Park

Where does the tour start:

  • You will arrive in Hurghada Airport and will be transferred to our 1st. destination:
  • In Port Galib we will board our rowing boats and have a 7 or 10 day row.

 How many km will we row per day?

  • The 9 Night, 10 Day tour amounts to ca. 200 Km
  • Avg. Km per day will be 22_30 Km.
  • Lunch breaks after 15-km
  • We will be app. 4-5 hrs on the water

Where will we sleep?

We are sleeping in comfortable hotels, in double rooms. Sometimes also in cozy local accommodation near the sea. Off course you can also book your single room. Accommodation will be in two or three hotels along the route.

How do you organize the daily transfers?

  • A shuttle bus will transfer the rowers to and from the boats.

What cost per person is involved?

  • 3250 Euro for the 10 Day / 9 night tour
  • 2850 Euro for the 7 day / 6 night tour
  • Included are Full Board at our rowing days, (Breakfast, Lunches, Dinners)
  • Local and English speaking guides
  • Safety guards and authorities during trip
  • All transfers
  • Prices are based on 15 – 20 participants
  • extra charges might apply for
  • extra rooms and
  • extra nights
  • sightseeing and excursions.

Are you interested? Please ask for our detailed program.

Get 200€ off with discount code

Call us for an early 200 Euro “Bird Discount”. Call or send an email and ask for the booking form until June 1st. 2019. Fill out form and you will receive the discount code ask for the discount code.

Rowing in Eqypt has become very popular again in the last decade. Today, the Egypian Federation provides some of the best rowers in Africa as this video shows

This trip has never done before and will have a touch of an adventure. If you like to get some impressions of a tour on the Nile some years ago, pay a visit to our friend Helena: Credit 

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