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Quotes from winning athletes:

Denmark bronze medal LM4x.  Steffen Jensen does the calls. What did you call coming into the finish? at … read more

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Denmark bronze medal LM4x.  Steffen Jensen does the calls.

What did you call coming into the finish?

at 650m to go we started to sprint.  I called ‘push’ and 150m later a second push adn then 150m later a third push.  Then I shouted ‘Hjem’ which is Danish for Home.  We planned all the last responses.  The problem I could see was it wasn’t enough.  100m afer I said ‘go’ and then we pushed through rating about 42.”

Australia silver medal LM4- Sam Beltz does the calls.

I shouted out at 1250m ‘On the dais’ and the crew responded we got our nose in front.  Then I said ‘We’re in the medals’ and later ‘Gold’.

Anthony Edwards in the bow seat said

I looked at 150m to go and after that I just pushed hard.

Sweden. gold medal W1x  Frida Svensson

I may e smaller [than the others] but I never give up.

My technique has improved this year with coach Johan Flodin. In the past I struggled with a back injury but I’m finally on track.  I feel more confident.

Belarus silver medal Ekaterina Karsten.

There was a bad side wind at the start and I struggled to get my sculls out over the waves.  Svensson was strong and I tried to get her at the finish but not today.

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