Quirky Rowing Websites – Chiara Ferarra’s “Rowing Daily”

Chiara has started the first Rowing Daily community newspaper.  Community newspapers aren’t new, but the opportunity to use the internet to source your material and put it into a sharable format comes with a service called Paper Li.

Each day she publishes news for everyone in the sport of rowing. All the information is compiled and it publishes onto a website – you can browse archives from teh link off the top menu.  To get alerts about its publication you subscribe by email [little blue button in right sidebar] or follow Chiara on Twitter and she automatically sends out a tweet each time it publishes and who the sources of the “top stories” are.

She was interviewed by the software coders who created the template for their blog.

The paper is at http://paper.li/chiara_ferrara/rowing

Other rowing related Paper.li publishers include Power troke weekly and the rowing-around-the-world daily


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