Quirky Rowing Websites: Balance Point Handles

Innovation in Rowing comes from many quarters and this one caught our eye because oars are not often the subject of massive innovation at the handle end.   The Balance Point Handle.

Balance Point handle

Take a look at this rotating sweep handle – designed to minimise the rotation at the finish of the stroke.  The little handle at the end swivels as you row thus enabling a square-off body position in relation to the oar shaft.

The new handle has a cant as it inserts into the shaft to allow for the higher hand holding swivel.

There are some Videos showing a pair rowing Balance Point Handles, how to set up the rig of the boat and recommendations on technique.

Sadly, it’s been banned by FISA but an interesting idea, nonetheless.

Reminds me of Emily Webb the Welsh schoolgirl who made a sweep handle with a rotating inside grip to relieve feathering injuries.  Her site is still live, Oarsome Potential, but now focuses on selling grips for crutches and indoor rowing machines.

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