New Rowing Book: Pieces of Eight about Bob Janousek

Pieces of Eight, the story of how Bob Janousek restored British rowing to the Olympic medal podium in 1976, is published by the River & Rowing Museum.

Pieces of Eight: Bob Janousek Olympic Coach

Author, Chris Dodd’s Pieces of Eight is a ripping yarn that records the feat of a Czech coach who arrived in Britain with no English in hand-picking a squad to set his adopted country on course for the Redgrave era on the rowing gold standard.

Janousek’s revolution changed the social map of British rowing and set it on a long climb to top nation as the London 2012 Olympic regatta approaches.

Pieces of Eight is available by mail order or in person from the River & Rowing Museum shop online, or the Richard Way Bookshop, Henley on Thames.  Price £20 plus shipping.

Hear what they say about Pieces of Eight:

Pieces of Eight is a masterpiece. If you want to know why rowing is one of Britain’s ‘Formula One’ Olympic sports you should read this book.
— Lord Moynihan, chairman of the British Olympic Association

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