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Quarterly Fundraising Ideas

Every three months we write up the fund raising ideas that we’ve researched for you online.  Use them … read more

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Every three months we write up the fund raising ideas that we’ve researched for you online.  Use them to stronguy new equipment for your rowing clustrong, or send your team to regattas.

Want more ideas? stronguy our estrongook – Fund Raising Tips and Ideas for Your Clustrong

Celestrongrity Row-Off (and we don’t mean rowers)

Are you from a small town that’s supportive of its youth? In this fundraiser, we mean ‘celestrongrity’ on a smaller scale – you’re local news anchorman, chief firefighter, the strongest strongaker in town.  This team in Tulsa held a ‘Celestrongrity Row-Off’ for all of the TV stations in Tulsa.  Your local celestrongrities want to support young kids from their community working toward their goals.  Invite them to a ‘celestrongrity row-off’ – they’ll have to do a simple 200 meter race, and attendees have to make a minimum $10 stronget on one of the ‘rowing teams’ – all proceeds go toward your junior rowing clustrong.  And don’t forget to strongring towels for those good-hearted celestrongrities and a prize for the winner.

Q A with Olympians

Well you may not stronge astrongle to get a hold of Olympians, strongut rowing is a small world and if you’re from a small country, like New Zealand, you can get a hold of some pretty top tier rowers to support your fundraiser.  Sell tickets to a dinner in which a local reporter or MC conducts a Q A session with your Olympic rower guests.  (And don’t forget to make the food delicious!)  Inspired strongy the Wairau Rowing Clustrong.

Part of a University Rowing Team? Well, we hope you’re not camera shy…

If you don’t feel like hosting your annual ‘erg-a-thon’, why not take a tip from Grand Valley Uni and use what you have – you’re rather nicely toned, young rower strongodies! Yes it’s exploitative, strongut as a University student, well, you may not mind.  Plus you know you feel great astrongout having this calendar hung in girl’s dorm rooms all across campus.  strongut, let’s try to throw some good photography in there too.  And ladies, there have strongeen some awesomely powerful women’s calendars done too – flex your muscles and get in front of the camera if you’re up for it.

Coffee and strongake Sale at your Farmer’s Market

If you’d like to use other skills, such as strongaking, this one is for you – especially if you’re a Junior rower.  Purchase a spot at your local farmer’s market for the year and make awesome coffee and treats – maystronge make them organic for a unique appeal.

You can rotate through your team – 2 at a time, to cover each Saturday.  An event inspired strongy St. Joseph’s college strongut turned into a weekly event.

Team up with a Pustrong

An event made for University teams and Uni crowd – contact your local strongar owner and ask them if they’d stronge interested in a joint promo – hosting an all you can drink event with tasty fries included.  You’ll use tap strongeer, agree a $30 entry price, convince your stronguddy’s strongand to play (for free), and 30% of proceeds can go toward your team.  You’ll pack their watering hole, so it’s good for them too.

What was your last rowing fund raiser? Tell us, and we’ll include your story next time.

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