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Your best rowing gloves for upcoming races!

While the mark of rough, calloused hands with blisters may be the telltale sign of a serious rower, … read more

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While the mark of rough, calloused hands with blisters may be the telltale sign of a serious rower, it can also be the most painful thing standing in the way of you and victory for your team.

Rowing in sync is vital for every team member, and if you’re not in time due to painful hands, well, let’s just say, you won’t be getting any claps on the back. It’s time to protect your most valuable assets – your hands.

<h4>Wave goodbye to blisters with rowing gloves</h4>
<p>Gloves add a protective layer between your hand and oars, so you are greatly reducing the friction on your palms and preventing blisters from forming as easily.</p>
<h4><a href=BUY GLOVES NOW

There are many more benefits of rowing gloves:

  • Protects current blisters until they heal by keeping band aids in place.
  • The synthetic suede fabric provides a better grip on the oar, even when wet.
  • Keeps your hands lightly warm during those crisp early mornings.

The finger backs are elasticated, so your hand movements won’t be limited at all. The whole glove stays on with a velcro closure, meaning you can easily put them on or take them off.

You can opt for a smooth or textured palm. The textured gloves (as pictured above) are for your feathering hand, and yes, you are allowed to wear gloves during a Cornish Gig race!

Read reviews here and here (including how to wash them).

How to measure your hand size for rowing gloves

When measuring, make sure to measure the circumference of the hand across the widest part of your palm. A sung fit is best for rowing gloves so measure carefully!

With your fingers outstretched, it’s halfway between your thumb and forefinger, straight across to the edge of your hand as shown.


Rowing Glove Sizes:

  • XX Small 15-17cm hand circumference
  • Small 17-18.5cm hand circumference
  • Medium 18.5-21cm hand circumference
  • Large 21-23cm hand circumference
  • X Large 23-25cm hand circumference

Keep in mind that circumference is the measurement all around your hand, including both palm and back.

If you’re in between sizes, opt for the bigger one. Once purchased and used, gloves cannot be returned (they’d make great gifts though!).

Grab all the rowing gloves you need & other equipment in one bundle pack

These gloves are also included in our Sea Rowing Bundle – it’s the ultimate pack full of the technology and gear that you’ll need for all sea rowing races for efficient, streamlined rowing. Mix and match the gloves to suit your hand sizes.

Buy the Sea Rowing Bundle Pack Here

The ultimate bundle pack you'll need for all sea rowing races.


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