Praise for Faster Masters Rowing

Thank you Rowperfect and Faster Masters for giving me stuff to read that made my hairs stand out.

learn to row and racing
Learn to Rowers win medals

All my rowing experience since I was a 17 years old and a bold boy, through some years of senior rowing on national level and now after a wonderful 13 years awakening through the Masters Rowing movement, – it all seem to converge through Rebecca Caroe, Sander Roosendal and Marlene Royle’s response to my question; How to improve the start. 

You were all so right in your different approaches, reminding me and mirroring my experiences neatly.

Again, thank you for an inspiring response to my request. With confidence I shall think I can be an even faster Master, at least as fast a master as I have been, and continue my quest for rowing perfection.

Iver H Høy

Rebecca Caroe replies

Iver – thanks for your kind words.  Because you asked the question about Racing Starts, we asked the group of experts and curated a blog article containing all the advice.  And now, it’s there for anyone else to read should they search online for Racing Starts.

Around 50% of our website traffic comes from natural search – and the more folks ask us questions like yours, and we can write convincing answers, the more likely other people will find Rowperfect and get the answers that they need for rowing.

Got a rowing question you want answered?

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