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Personal transport powered by rowing

A crazy idea to row your way up a mountain or the next new exercise fad? See this … read more

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A crazy idea to row your way up a mountain or the next new exercise fad?

See this video from the inventor of the rowing bicycle and in-line rollerblades, Scott Olson, his “Sky Ride” is a rowing or cycling personal transport for getting up a ski slope or round an urban bus route. [Ignore the advert that plays first].

The SkyRide Technology website has some good photos and suggestions about where it can be installed – anywhere from zoos to adaptive community and war heros.  I’m sure getting from the British Rowing headquarters to the pub across the river would be an easy installation!

Scott says in an interview “I’ve chased after crazier ideas than this in the past. You never know what’s going to make it happen,” says the buff, slightly disheveled, always-in-motion Olson.  His price tag for two 3,500-foot tracks with 25 to 30 capsules: a cool $1.7 million.

SkyRide rowing ski lift

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