Overheard at Henley….

rowing, henley royal regatta, stewards enclosure

A cheeky reproduction of some remarks Overheard at Henley Royal Regatta shared elsewhere on the global interwebs

From Row2k

Yesterday, from a commentator: “For a youngster there’s nothing better than beating a guy with a beard.”

Rower with a beard
Rower with a beard


And from Rachel Quarrell – rowing journalist

“Ah, only the two stone weight disadvantage then…. Does that mean you give us a two-length head start?”

“In tones of faint outrage from the boat tents area, from a forty-something blazeratum… “I’ve got teenage sons racing here now, you know.”

From @fatsculler

“In The Press Box looking at the poles in the princess grace final academic association of physical education Warsaw Warsaw and Club Wioslarki Liverpool in Grudziadzu…..”there’s a flight of high scoring scrabble words in that.”

Andrew Crawford

“When the four of us won the Wyfolds in 1946 we had four oars – now some of the boats appear to have eight.”

Simon Kay

Someone is going to lose their Stewards Enclosure membership over this I think. A first for Stewards?

rowing, henley royal regatta, stewards enclosure
Stewards Enclosure Swimmers

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