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Olympics Liveblog – W4x

Next event is the womens quad. Eight entries in two heats. Heat 1: Poland, Germany, China an dUSA … read more

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Next event is the womens quad. Eight entries in two heats.

Heat 1: Poland, Germany, China an dUSA Germany lead at 500 meters from USA in second place.  Watching them warm up the German crew are adjusted quite far to the stern with a big gap between their hands at the finish.  Half way the field has spread out into two races – a leading pair and trailing couple.  It’s a good scrap between the US and Germany who lead by a small margin at 1500 meters maybe a canvas over USA.  Germans have more run on their boat and as they come into the red buoys are three quarters of a length ahead of USA with Poland third and China fourth.

Heat 2: New Zealand, Australia, Ukraine, Great Britain – surely a stronger heat than the first one.   Ukraine lead off the start a canvas off Australia.  There’s a great rhythm in the Ukrainian crew and by 500m they have a length on the field. There’s only one place to go to the final so you have to win the heat.  Notice that although they have clear water they have steered towards one side of their lane.   Great Britain betting overhauled by NZ in the final 500 meters – bladework a bit scrappy.   Still Ukraine leading a length and a quarter ahead of Austalia; NZ third a length behind Australia.  Britain taking up the rating but not making much impact on the outcome.

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