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Olympics Day 2 Previews – LM4- LM2x W8+

LM4- This will be a drag race. The first three crews will progress to the Semifinal, with one … read more

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This will be a drag race. The first three crews will progress to the Semifinal, with one missing out. Expect fast and ferocious racing with an enormous desperate sprint for the line.

The Czechs are the fastest crew from yesterday in this race and only missed qualifying direct to the Semifinals by 0.64 seconds. The Vestesnik twin brothers row together in bow pair.
Expect a quick start from the Italians in lane 3. Poland may finish strongly.
The USA crew were slowest yesterday but didn’t sprint for the line. Will that play to their advantage?


First two crews to Semifinals, remainder to Repechage.

Heat 1

The Italian double have been consistent this season. The Canadians have only raced in Lucerne (WC2) this year but narrowly missed out on a medal. Portugal’s only boat race in this event will be desperate to get through.

Heat 2

The big battle in this event comes in Heat 2 as New Zealand’s Peter Taylor Storm Uru take on reigning World and Olympic champions Zac Purchase Mark Hunter. These two doubles have raced twice this year in the World Cup series and the Kiwi double have beaten the Brits both times. The GB double have been inconsistent this season. Will they be on form today?

Heat 3

The Danish double will expect to win this but it could be a tight finish for the second place direct to the Semifinal.

Heat 4

Should be comfortable qualification for the French double, who will be expecting to challenge for a place on the podium in the Final.

One of the cruelest events at the Games where only one boat will miss out on the Final. Winners today will go directly to Final with all the rest fighting through the Repechage on Tuesday.

Heat 1

The USA are current World and Olympic Champions, and unbeaten this season. The Germans are a bit of an unknown and Australia have only raced in Lucerne. Great Britain’s eight will be hoping to push the Americans but may have to settle for the route through the Repechage


Heat 2

Canada have twice come close the beating the USA this season so will be looking to win this heat and show the Americans they have found the half-a-second they’ve been missing. It’s 1-1 between Romania and the Netherlands in the World Cups this year. Both 5-seat rowers in these crews have birthdays this weekend and will hope to celebrate by avoiding the Repechage. Roline Repelaer van Driel of the Netherlands had her birthday yesterday and Camelia Lupascu of Romania celebrates hers today.

With Repechages of the Singles and Heats of Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls there should be some exciting races today.


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