Olympic Rowing Liveblog – W8+ Final

Australia, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Romania, Great Britain

USA lead the Netherlands by a foot off the start. USA extend to a canvas and it’s still Netherlands second. Canada third; very close behind. USA have two seats in front of any other boat’s bows. Canada moving now and passing Netherlands. USA charging away over the first half. They are so smooth and perfectly in time with bodies as well as blades. Three-quarters of a length now! Netherlands slip a seat behind Canada. USA want clear water and they may get it. Canada responding and pull back a seat or two. Canadian bow level with USA stroke’s footplate. 1000m: USA, Canada, Netherlands, Romania, Australia, GB. Canada takea  seat back, Now two. USA hammering those spoons through the water. Canada slip a seat. 1500m.  Charging! USA win! Canada close to half a length but it’s not enough for gold. Netherlands bronze.

USA 6:10.59
CAN 6:12.06
NED 6:13.12
ROU 6:17.64
GBR 6:18.77
AUS 6:18.86

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