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Heat 1: New Zealand, Great Britain, Czech Republic, China, Netherlands. GB off at 49spm and get their bows in front. Big show of power from the Brits takes them two-thirds of a length up by 250m. New Zealand in second, half a length ahead of the Czechs. Two boats go to Final, rest to Rep. GB rowing with perfect timing, smooth but powerful and very long strokes. GB stretch out to two and a half lengths at halfway. New Zealand in second and China third. Clear water back to the rest. Netherlands coming up in 4th. China pushing hard but New Zealand respond. GB stay two and a half lengths up, New Zealand stay under a length ahead of China. These three boats are well clear of Netherlands in 4th and Czech Republic in 5th. These two, with China, will contest the repechage.

GB double have broken the Olympic Best time – 6:44.33.

Heat 2: Germany, Ukraine, USA, Australia, Poland. Will Australia look to respond to the GB record or save it with Crow doubling- up in the single? Australia a few feet ahead of Poland at 500m. It’s Australia, Poland, USA at 1000m. Australia stay half a length ahead, playing it safe without over-working Kim Crow. The USA are another half length back and these three crews battle it out for the two places in the final. Australia coming under pressure on either side. USA don’t have anything to lift with, Poland up the rate and pull away with Australia. Big gusts of wind blow through the stands. Australia win by half a length. Poland get second with USA, Germany and Ukraine racing again in the rep.

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