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Olympic Rowing liveblog – M2x

Three heats of the mens doubles – racing to get through to the semi finals the first three … read more

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Three heats of the mens doubles – racing to get through to the semi finals the first three crews go through everyone else to repecharge.

Heat 1: Slovenia, Australia, Germany, Lithuania and Canada.  Early leaders are Australia having had a good World cup this year and  veteran campaigners Spik and Cop of Slovenia putting in a good go in second place Germany half a length behind.   Australians Crawshay and Brennan are the reigning Olympic champions.  Coming to the last 500 Sovenia continue to lead, Germany second and Lithuania third.  Australians looking tight and short.  Three in a line in the last 150 meters – Germany now nick in front and at the line it’s Germany one, Slovenia second and Lithuania third – about one foot between each crew.

Heat 2: Ukraine, Italy, France, Norway the wind has dropped off a bit as the second heat begins – Italy the early leaders and the French developing a good rhythm.   France lead through the first timing marker but a canvas covers the field.  The overhead camera gives a great view because, despite the water reflection the white spray from each finish puddle shows up beautifully.  Three leaders  covered by 6 feet- Italy, France and Norway with Ukraine dropping behind.   It’s a Filippi race [double scull of choice] it’s another line-up with three very well matched crews one meter between the three at 1500m.  Norway pushes ahead to 2/3 length and clear water by the line with Italy Second and France a half length behind.

Heat 3: Estonia, Great Britain, New Zealand, Argentina – off the start I’m not sure who to support.  But the race quickly separates into leaders  Argentina, New Zealand and Argentina. The British crew has a ‘pod’ fixed to the bow canvs which is a defense against waves in rough water.   Argentinians continue to lead by half a length at half way with GB just half a length behind and NZ pushing back to 1/3 length. Last 500 me NZ a canvas behind GB but Argentina continue to lead by half a length.  Second and third start to spring and a scrap devlops as the kiwis take the rate up and the Brits follow suit – slowly the Argies respond and we hav e three boats in a row with 100m to go.  New Zealand’s whit boat go in front and Argentina ghet dropped int eh sprint for the line.  White boat wins, and 2 yellow boats behind!. All 3 qualify for semi finals.

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