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Olympic Rowing Liveblog – LW2x Final

Revised Start List: GER AUS DEN GRE CHN GBR The crowd want more! Big cheers for GB’s lightweight … read more

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Revised Start List: GER AUS DEN GRE CHN GBR

The crowd want more! Big cheers for GB’s lightweight women.

Greece and China out first with just feet between all boats. GB pull level and are moving past China. Their mid-race speed is high, but Greece seem to be lengthening out. GB really whip their spoons into the finish; they’re being aggressive in the bobby water. They have the best water in this crosswind. GB just inches down on Greece coming into 1000m. China trail by just 3 feet. GB inch ahead at the mark. They need to make the most of the flatter water in lane 6 and will need to crowd to pull them to the finish. Be brave! GB take a seat in the next 250m. Greece respond but GB lift and are flying! China looking dangerous now. China are pulling into second place as GB move away. GB win! China second. Greece third.

  • GBR 7:09.33
  • CHN 7:11.93
  • GRE 7:12.09
  • DEN 7:15.53
  • AUS 7:20.68
  • GER 7:22.18

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