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Olympic Rowing Liveblog – LM4- Semifinals

SF1: USA, Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic. Big roar for the British crew in the call-over. … read more

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SF1: USA, Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic.

Big roar for the British crew in the call-over. They probably heard that from 2000m away. High rates off the start as the crews fight for an early lead. Switzerland are three feet up on GB. All boats within half a length at 500m. The Swiss square quite late but still get connected at the catch. The GB bow is getting closer to the Swiss. Germany look to be in third, USA fourth. There’s nothing in this. The Czech boat is the only one more than three-quarters of a length behind the leaders. GB moving into first as they hit the bigger crowds. Both crews rating the same. It’s GB at 1500m; stroke for stroke with the Swiss. GB pull away from the Swiss in the last 250m. The race for third is on between the Netherlands and Germany. The Netherlands take the last place in the Final. GB win and acknowledge the roaring home crowd. Switzerland second. Germany miss out.

GB time: 5:59.68 SF2: Italy, China, South Africa, France, Australia, Denmark

The rain gets heavier for the last race of the day. Denmark go out strong and manage to quickly gain half a length over the rest of the field. China and South Africa are level, battling for second at 500m. Australia are near the back of the pack but find their rhythm and are moving through towards third. The crews pass half way and it’s Denmark, rating 38, who lead. China are three-quarters of a length down in second place and Australia have pulled through into third ahead of South Africa. Australia continue their move and pass China. South Africa respond to Australia’s push and surge past China. France are fifth at 1500m. The Danish four continue to rate high and the battle is now between South Africa, Australia and France. The French are moving past the slowing Chinese crew. There is a lot of noise from the South African fans in the FISA stand as their crew approach. South Africa carry their speed from their early push and move past Australia to take second place. The Danish crew finish in the lead. South Africa and Australia take the remaining places in the final. France finish fourth and Italy, who were out the back for the whole race pass China to take fifth.

Denmark’s winning time: 6:03.53


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