Olympic Rowing Liveblog – LM4-

Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, Denmark, South Africa, Australia

We’re off! Denmark lead early by a canvas. South Africa 2nd, Australia 3rd. Crews very close. Australia moving into second. GB, Switzerland and South Africa level for third at 500m. Denmark by two-thirds of a length. Very tight behind them across the lake. Australia still in second. Crosswind picking up! GB into third. South Africa fourth. Into messy water now from 750m to 1250m. Australia close to a canvas behind Denmark. GB wind to 38 and a canvas down in third. These two are catching the Danes. Denmark, 2 feet to Australia, three to GB. GB take the lead into the 1750m and the crowd are stamping their feet. South Africa are rocketing through. High rates and massive strokes going in. It’s a blanket finish! South Africa take it! The home crowd go quiet but there’s a huge cheer as the silver is given to GB. Denmark third. Australia, Switzerland, Netherlands.

RSA 6:02.84
GB 6:03.09
DEN 6:03.16
AUS 6:04.05
SUI 6:09.30
NED 6:11.39

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