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Olympic Liveblog: Semi Final LW2x

Semi Final 1: New Zealand, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, USA, Cuba.   Greece go out to a blistering … read more

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Semi Final 1: New Zealand, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, USA, Cuba.   Greece go out to a blistering start pulling USA alongside with Germany in early third place.    Wow, the Greeks are confident and have pulled out to nearly a boat length over Germany with USA and Britain in third at 500m.   Moving away the British girls press ahead of USA and New Zealand start to come up ahead of USA in fourth place.  Greece still way out in front and USA working hard staying in the race in fourth but Germany in second and Britain nudging up alongside the German crew.  These three crews slowing putting distance on the rest.   At 1000 Greece lead and Germany and UK alongside in second place – nothing to pick between them.   New Zealand dropping back off the pace.   USA fighting back against Germany about 1/3 length down.  Britain get overlap on the Greeks now as they come into last 500m   Greece have longer stroke length than GB but only a foot ahead.  USA a canvas down on Germany for the third qualifying space.   Out in front now Britain moving quietly through the Greeks in a well-judged race and Germany sprint hard behind them for third.  Greece fade and are half a length down in second place to Britain who win by clear water.   Germany third and half a length behind Greece.  USA in fourth fail to qualify for A final with New Zealand and Cuba.

Semi-final 2: Japan, Netherlands, Denmark, China, Australia, Canada.   Ooh hideously scrappy start from Japan and they quickly fall behind the other crews.  Canada and China put their bows out in front  with the rest in a line.  China sculling very strongly but the bow girl keeps clipping the water on the recovery – must be a riffle on the water from the wind.   500m China has half a length on Australia and Denmark in third place.   Australia do a big push and  try to take the lead over China.  Beautiful looking crew with equal technique from both athletes.  Australia Second by a foot at 1000m behind China with Denmark third.  China press on at 1500 m and go out to half a length lead and Denmark come through Australia working hard and closing fast on China with a higher stroke rate.  Brilliant work.   Chinese bow girl looks across and may be worried. Australia start to sprint and the Danes maintain as they approach 1500m  China a canvas over Denmark and Australia third a canvas back.   Boat speeds are indicative of progress here.  Denmark moving faster than China and now 3 feet down in the last 250.   China holding steady and Danes still working hard to close the gap these three well infront of the rest of the crews.  China maintain a canvas lead on the line, Denmark Second and Australia half a length back.  Canada, Netherlands and Japan lose out.

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