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Olympic Liveblog – M8

Eight crews again in two heats the titans of rowing in the blue riband event.  Interesting to see … read more

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Eight crews again in two heats the titans of rowing in the blue riband event.  Interesting to see how the seeding committee have split the countries into the two heats.

Heat 1: Australia, USA, Ukraine and Poland

Off the start it’s fast and furious.  The USA start to nudge ahead by a small margin by 500m gone and watching their bows you see the surge as they rise out of the water each stroke.  The bladeword is a bit variable on bow side but this doesnt’ affect the boat speed as they move out to three quarters of a length lead at 1000m.  The commentator reminds us that the USA had to qualify in Luzern for the final space at this regatta.   Australia a length behind with Poland in third as they move into the last 500m.  Australians closing on the USA who look to have shortened up and certainly slowed down.  Aussie closing fast ubt it’s still half a length on the line with one length back to Poland and Ukraine 3/4 l behind.

Heat 2: Great Britaian, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands

Loudest cheers from the stands for the GB crew but there’s a lot of folks supporting every country here where I’m sitting. Off the start Canada makes it clear they are racing to win with a blistering turn of speed but Germany has about a foot lead at 250m.   Germany lead at 500m and Great Britain move into second place a canvas ahead of Canada with the Netherlands trailing but they move closer to Canada.  At half way Gremany by 2/3 length over UK with Dutch third.  Coming into the final 750 the Netherlands push on in their new boat (2 weeks old – ask me later) and Great Britain close to half a lenght behind Germany and Netherlands a canvas behind.   Germany still lead by half a lenght but the scrap for second continues behind.  The German boat is running beautifully Britain half a length behind and ahead of the Dutch with Canada trailing four lengths behind the leaders.

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