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Olympic Liveblog M2x Semi Final

The rain starts to spit but spirits not damped as the racing moves into the semi finals – … read more

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The rain starts to spit but spirits not damped as the racing moves into the semi finals – wind still a ight cross tail wind.

Semi Final 1: Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Germany, Argentina, Ukraine  

Argentina and Germany press out fast and it looks like NZ and Ukraine are slightly down by half a length.  Australia in Lane 1 ensuring they stay in the competition as defending champions.  500m Argentina, Australia and Germany are firt through the timing point.   Argentina have half a length over Germany and Australia in joint second place.   New Zealand a bit behind the pace in fourth.   Argentina at Half way, Germany Second with Australia third and NZ a third of a length behind and Italy back a bit more.  Argentina 2.3 length of Germany   and New Zealand still trail the Aussies.  Argentina pull out clear water at 1500 with the other places unchanged. Nobody’s going to catch these Argentinians now’  Italy and NZ battling hard ut Australians still ahead just as all crews start sprinting towards the line.  Germany take it up hard, NZ closing on Germany and Aussies falling behing. Italy and NZ and Germany in a line.  Germany falling bakc, Kiwis going hard and now in second place.  Italians sprint really well, Aussie def out of the running and Germany lsign their advantage too.  It’s Argentina by 3 feet to New Zealand and Italy third.  Wow.

Semi Final 2: France, Great Britain, Norway, Lithuania, Slovenia, Canada  

Lithuania, Slovenia and Canada start hard and first to 500m is Slovenia by half a length, Lithuania second and Great Britain third.  France is sixth at the moment.   1000 Slovenia has 1.5 lengths clear water over Lithuania and Britain in third a couple fo feet behind with the Norwegians along side.  1250 and Great Britain into third but Slovenia still clear water in front and Norway half a length ahead of Canada and France who trail.  1500m Slovenia still lead by a length and a half with Lithuania second.   Slovenia still lead with clear water and Britain coming through Lithuania and Norwegians chasing hard.  But it’s second neck and nek for GB and Lithuania.  Closing on Slovenia to overlap.  Britain still third in last 200 m.  Lithuania holding one length behind Slovenia and Britain getting caught by Norway.  Towards the line Slovenia win, Lithuania second, Great Britain third and half a canvas to Norway.

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