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Olympic Liveblog LM4- Semi Final

Wind shifting round to a side wind from bow side semi Final 1: USA, Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, … read more

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Wind shifting round to a side wind from bow side

semi Final 1: USA, Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic.  At 500m Swiss lead with Great Britain and Germany third.   Netherlands  trail with Czech Republic last.  Swiss lead out with Britain slightly under-rating in second.  At half way, Swiss, Britain and Germany with USA and Czech joint fourth and Netherlands last.   Germany looking good in third place but Switzerland and Britain are stroke for stroke as they come into third 500 meters.   These three nudging ahead of Czech Republic overlapping with USA.  Coming into last 500m and GB take the lead by a few inches with Switzerland and Germany 2/3 length behind.    Britain start to work really had and they get in front of Switzerland  with Holland coming through hard and Germany just in third .  At the line GB first, Swiss second and Dutch third by half a length and Germany fourth by a canvas losing out in the sprint.

Semi Final 2: Italy, China, Republic of South Africa, France, Australia, Denmark

At 250 Denmark take the lead with South Africa second, France and China side by side.   500m the Danes are confidently in the lead by 2/3 length over Australia, China and South Africa.   The pack is so close but Denmark now out with clear water on the field.  Italy in Lane 1 nudge their bows in front of the pack.   Denmark, Australia, South Africa at half way.  Australia moving towards second place ahead of China and South Africa slipping back.  Australia overlap on Denmark at 1500 with China just behind.   1500m South Africa coming back on China but Australia still second with South Africa ahead of China in Fourth.  Danes take up their rate again and South Africa pushes up to second place ahead of Australia.  Closing fast on Danes.  South Africa now second and a canvas behind Denmark.  Australia in third.  China nd France sprint hard.  But Danes lead by a canvas over South Africa and Australia look tired and lower rating.  Danes at 43 leading to the line.  quarter of a length on South Africa who have half a length over Australia.

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