New Product Trial – Rowing Gloves

We’ve been given some rowing gloves to test out. If they’re good we will be stocking them for sale.

rowing gloves
Bowside pair – textured palm on feathering hand

Can you help us?  We want to find out how good they are by letting you, our readers test them.

We have one set of medium gloves (suit a woman or a man with small hands).
They are for sweep or sculling.

Each has an open back and covers the palm and 4 fingers.

Rowing Glove Designs

What you’ll get is a medium pair for sweep and sculling.
That is 4 gloves.

Two have textured palm patterns and two do not.
When sculling use the textured palm gloves
When sweeping, use a textured glove on your inside (feathering) hand and a plain palm glove on the outside hand.

Get in touch if you’d like to try them.  You will have them for 2 weeks and will have to post them back to us afterwards.

rowing glove
rowing glove back
sculling gloves
Gloves for sculling

15 thoughts on “New Product Trial – Rowing Gloves

  1. Elizabeth Bugert says:

    Hello, I am desperate to trial these. I have seen their website and was considering ordering some, lack of a UK source was a huge factor in me NOT ordering them at the time. Thanks

  2. Caroline Champion says:

    I would be interested in trying these. I already use cycling gloves to reduce blisters and to help grip in hot weather.

  3. gilly dean says:

    I would love to try these. Going on the BR tour to Upton on Severn in a couple of weeks so day-long rowing for 3 days. That should give them a good run for their money

  4. Marcy Dorna says:

    I would love to try these. I’m a sculler and I row 6 days a week and my hands look like dancers’ feet. My calluses are smooth and I have resorted to taping my oar handles for better grip. Gloves look like a better solution!

  5. Glenn Malisauskas says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    How are the trials going, I have a very good rower in development who suffers from dermatitis on both hands resulting in severe peeling and blistering. These could possibly be a great benefit.


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