New Coxmate SRT+ Plus

To be released by early July 2009, the improved Coxmate SRT+ plus has the features of the SRT Coxmate and improved the screen size and added new functions.

SRT+ PlusA few facts about it:

  • It has larger backlit display; shows rate, stroke count and time.
  • Like predecessor it has digital amplifier – gives ~60% more run time than other designs
  • Has real time clock and alarm function – can be set to remind crews the start is imminent!
  • Comes with adaptor for NK ‘cup’ and articulated bracket.
  • Has mute feature on audio
  • Has recall of time intervals (virtually unlimited number) and rate for one hour – can be recalled in 15 or 30 second increments
  • Has metronome function
  • Has connector for radio input
  • The battery can be replaced in less than 2 minutes – once the unit is open, there is no tape or screws to be removed  in order to replace battery

The Rowperfect shop will start selling the SRT+ Plus on 1 July 2009.

There will be two options for the mounting into the boat – an articlated bracket with a NK cup adapter with manual plug-in for the speaker wiring loom OR a magnetic connection on the articulated bracket.

SRT+ Plus brochure

The pricing will be released on 1 July but we expect them to remain around £270 – £300 including VAT for a full kit including microphone, carry case and charger.

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