New Book: How to Win

How to Win: The Sports Competitors guide to Success, written by Stephen Walker teaches you what you need to know to winHow to Win: The Sports Competitors guide to Success

Most people have no idea how to train in order to achieve their full sporting potential. Unfortunately there are also many coaches who have little knowledge of exercise physiology, sports psychology and biomechanics. This means that as an athlete you may struggle to recognise and achieve your full potential.

Stephen Walker had experienced this first hand, but as a result he gained a thirst for knowledge. Knowledge that would help him to become a winner, rather than just a competitor. The result of that thirst led him to write this book and share with you the knowledge you need to become a champion!

You can get a copy of How to Win online in either paperback or kindle format.

He also has a series of free videos to support the book that you can view on the How to Win Website.

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