Masters 1k racing training programme

1K Racing: A 3-month training programme for athletes preparing to race 1000-metre events

We know winter isn’t over yet – but many masters rowers will be starting to look forward to summer 1k racing.  The Masters National championships and of course the 1K Racing: A 3-month training programme for athletes preparing to race 1000-metre eventsFISA Masters regatta in Sarasota, FL, USA during September 2018.

Today we have published our first ever training programme ebook 1K Racing – a 3 month training programme for athletes preparing to race 1,000 meter events.

1k Racing is a Specialism

Written by Marlene Royle who is a specialist masters rowing and sculling coach, we commissioned this ebook from her because we know that preparing to race 1,000 meters is what many of our readers will shortly be doing.

The programme is written in five distinct phases to suit athletes coming out of winter training (or a period of ‘resting’).

The plan is adjustable whether you train 6 times a week or 4 times a week.  You can adapt it to suit your unique situation.

  • Phase 1 Training – Builds the Foundation: Low stress training, good routine, gradual increases. Focus on improving technical weaknesses.
  • Phase 2 Training – Early Quality: Prepare for the type of training that will be of most importance in the following phases, introduce accelerations/reps/plenty of recovery time/improve mechanics.
  • Phase 3 Training – Transition Quality: Most stressful phase that is event specific and it sets you up for the final quality phase that is less stressful. Stress the proper systems for the event distance. Stay with proper training paces and do not over do it here. Avoid injury and illness. Get all tough sessions in but be flexible.
  • Phase 4 Training – Final Quality: Prepare for actual race conditions. Focus on strengths. Concentrate on what you do best in the final phase of training. Be fresh not fatigued.
  • Phase 5 – Taper to racing and race week training programme.

Launch special price

We have added a discount to the ebook for all orders completed during February 2018.

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