Managing your Rowing Club: 7 Helpful Tools to do it Better


Rowing club management can be a lonely job, that’s why we’re here to support you.  Our blog is all about connecting you with rowing club management tools, tips and expertise written by our own experts and gathered from around the internet.  We’re trying to bring the world of rowing closer together, especially the world of rowing club management.

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Below we have 7 articles from our archives and some new sources to make your job easier.

How to Write a Rowing Club Management Strategy

Part 1 and Part 2:

A key to success in rowing club management is planning. These great articles are from Rowperfect’s archive, and outline how to create a powerful Club Management Strategy, from writing, to applying the vision, to making things happen.

And our partner Space Saver Rowing Systems has a blog dedicated to helping your committee run your club effectively.  We have selected several useful articles which may be suitable for your needs.

Keep It Secret Keep It Safe:>

We talk a lot about keeping club members safe, but what about keeping your club safe?  Your club is filled with all kinds of valuables, from rowing shells to coxing equipment; you don’t want anything to go missing.  Here are some suggestions of how to keep those valuables safe.

Free Electronic Logbook for Rowing:

If you still use the ‘classic’ pen and paper to sign out boats at your rowing club, you’re a bit behind the times. Why not make life a little easier for you and your members, a little more organised, and save a few trees while you’re at it. We’ve discovered a free electronic logbook for rowing (take a peek).

Transporting your Crew to a Regatta:

Transporting your crew to a regatta can be a hectic affair made more complex (in inverse proportion) to the age of the crew.  It’s time to accept that THINGS GO WRONG.  To combat the chaos theories of the universe you will have to be as organised as humanly possible in advance and we’re here to help.

Is your Rowing Club Inclusive?:

For many rowing clubs out there, competition and winning is the main goal, but rowing is just as much about enjoyment and community. Many people join clubs to meet new people, participate in the club atmosphere and enjoy the thrill of competition at their own level. And in order to participate in community they often end up giving their time to volunteer at their club. This post has a checklist to make sure that your club is inclusive – and not just admitting the ‘athletic elite’.

Free Online Tools for Rowing Crew Management:

Managerial tasks: Free Online Tools for Rowing Crew Management. Ever heard of Doodle, Google docs, recording aps? This list suggests various free and basic technology that can help with managing and coaching, including a list of great rowing websites that help coaches gain new ideas for training.

Organising a Crew of Athletes for your Rowing Club

(It can be harder than it seems). Use our sample spreadsheet to make your life a little easier, and think outside the box of ‘phone tree lists’ (so yesterday).

Now help us out by sharing the tools YOU use to make life at the club simpler.


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