Magik story from HORR

James Chapman of Maidstone Invicta RC , just wrote to us with this "classic" anecdote from the Tideway Head of the River Race

Thanks for getting us the replacement MK1 gate in time for the HORR although the Post Office tried to impound it! The gates are still working well.

During HORR, we clashed with Keble just after Hammersmith Bridge causing my blade to bury deep, gate popped open saving blade, boat, rigger and me from any damage enabling me to put the oar back in quickly and continue the race… with a conventional gate I would probably had a broken rib or a swim, the rigger would have been broken and the crew would have limped home! So although a shock at the time, a good result in the end!

Just have to remember our coaches mantra of a firm outside hand! 

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