Magik oarlocks for Croker sculling oars

We got an enquiry from a customer who wants to buy MK1 oarlocks for his adaptive crew.  He came back with a question

“apparently these magic oarlocks won’t work with Croker sleeves…”


They work with every sleeve.  The size of the aperture is the same as Concept gates so they work with every sleeve dimension

You may just choose to use softer elastic bands to lessen the grip on the sleeve if you don’t want to wear out the plastic so fast – but this lessens the effect of the tensioning arm.

The Croker sleeve is made of softer plastic and so I have been told it wears faster using Magik gates because they hold the sleeve tight against the pin.
As advised by Croker agent in Canada
C2 forum discussion also provides good advice and comment.
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2 thoughts on “Magik oarlocks for Croker sculling oars

  1. Martijn says:

    There’s one trick to easily prevent wearing from both your oarlock and your sleeves. Use acid free vaseline. Because the gates clamps the oars so well you won’t even have trouble with slippery sleeves. The vaseline makes clipping your blade less wearing on your wrists as well.

    I row with these MK gates every day, and wouldn’t want otherwise.

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