MK-1 Oarlock Specifications

Details of the 2008 Evolution model

Advances in engineering and materials in rowing have allowed for lighter and greater performance within the realm of boat design. A new oarlock system is essential in keeping up with the changes in this hi-tech, high performance approach to our sport. Previous oarlock designs can no longer match these technological improvements. Until now, rowers have had to reduce efficiency resulting from the constant movement of the oar in the existing oarlock.

This disadvantage prompted the development of the MK One Evolution. The MK One Evolution oarlock completely eliminates any sideways movement while complying with all codes of the technical and regulatory requirements (set down by FISA):

  • Not to modify the rower’s customary technique action (you still row/scull the same way)
  • A standard internal diameter able to fit all oarlock designs
  • Adaptable to all available sleeves
  • Interchangeable without any modification to the axial pin
  • Rotation to be as easy as that of the previous model system
  • Easy on the wrist action
  • Affordable price

The MK One Evolution successfully absorbs movements and shocks in the oar movement. The tension arm also immediately locks the oar into the feathered position after the finish. This allows the rower to improve stability and balance and to generate full power from the catch. This is also the reason why beginners and novices advance more quickly when they learn using the MK1 oarlock – it gives them certainty in the square/feather action and helps them better understand balance.

The boat’s stability improves because the movements are absorbed and not destabilising the boat’s hull. Therefore the rower will be better “in touch” with feeling the boat movement, and enjoying better support, balance and boat speed.

Compatibility with Sleeves

Magik Rowing™s MK One Evolution oarlocks are compatible with all types of sleeves and oars.

With the MK One Evolution oarlocks and the oars of your choice, you will get the best combination between comfort and performance currently available. Thanks to the Shock Absorbing System (SAS) any movement and/or shock will be eliminated.

The Final Result

The MK1 is the product of a competent and motivated team made up of two engineers. Their expertise enabled the manufacturing of a quality product: the MK One Evolution oarlock!

Components of the MK One Evolution are moulded in 6 pieces made in 3 high performance engineering plastics.

It is manufactured and assembled in Australia.

Between research and production, it has taken to produce the MK One Evolution :

  • over 18 months of work
  • 500 hours of testing on water and bench testing
  • several prototypes
  • an important human and financial investment

We hope you enjoy rowing and sculling with the Magik Oarlock. Remember, it is the first major “rowing revolution” for boat fittings since the sliding seat was invented in 1870!

MK1 Pivot mechanism close up
MK1 Lock mechanism close up
Sweep and Scull Oarlocks

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