Lynette shows ’em how to win


Lynette Skelton with Dreher sculls
Lynette Skelton has a prominent photo on page 24 of UK's Rowing and Regatta magazine winning at Henley Veterans Regatta in her new Intersport Racing predator single and Dreher carbon adjustable sculls.

She uses Little big blade spoons, medium stiffness shafts and small handles.

Rowperfect spoke to Lynette about the race adn she said

It is most exciting making it onto the ARA Magazine. It was an interesting race as I was told about the woman from USA who is 6 feet tall and very good. I wasn't particularly well and am even worse now, but hopefully will be fit again for Vienna.

Towards the start I took note of her sculling and decided that she wasn't quite as good as people had made her out to be. I had a good start and just kept moving out from there. I decided to bring the rating down by 200 to go, and heard the announcer say that I was rating 22, of course, thinking of Mahe Drysdale our Kiwi star who lowers his rating when he is that far in front, and coasted home to win by easily.

I can't say enough about the Intersport scull, which is comfortable, 14kgs and is so easy to row, the same goes for the Dreher blades, a formidable combination to do well in any race.

We saw that Martin Cross wrote a huge number of articles…. and despite a nice mention of all the kiwi crews that won at HRR, the photo caption sub-editor managed to conceal this omitting a single photo of non-British crews. Further they captioned Hodge and Reed as Andy Hodge and Pete Reed were semi-finalists in the Goblets leaving it up to us to work out they were losing semi-finalists. Later reporting on the Munich world cup the photo of Grainger says Katherine Grainger is enjoying her single. Does that mean her race results weren't worth mentioning? Funny pecuiliar.


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  1. Lynette Skelton

    I was lucky enough to be racing in a lightweight Intersport Single Scull called "Predator" and from the first time I rowed in the scull it felt like home. As well as the scull I was very happy with my Dreher blades which also were lightweight and it makes a great racing combination for a woman in her late sixties who is only 9 stone and needs all the help she can get from her equipment. I am happy to speak to anybody who is interested in buying either or both of these products.
    Lynette Skelton

  2. Lynette Skelton

    Dear Rebecca
    The article sounds fine, but the boat is called Preditoar, Len Neville may have something to say about that. Hope to see you soon. 
    Best wishes

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