Liverpool Victoria RC review the Coxmate SRT


1. What comparable equipment do you usually use?

Coxmate SRT amplifier Coxmate SRT

NK cox box

2. How long / how many outings did you do?

6 outings

3. What were your first impressions?

Looked to be more technical than a cox box. Carry box small and compact better than the box a cox box comes in

4. When you did your first outing was it easy to use? And if it was not easy, what did you find hard or not intuitive?

Yes, if people were unsure the information card is easy to follow

5. Did you do any tests to compare to your previous equipment?  And what did the tests show?

Sound quality is better, coxes felt this maybe due to a better mic design. Due to failure and issues with our NK equipment difficult to make a full comparison although your product seems a lot better

6. What did the coach think?

They appeared to also like the product, discussion was made about the version with GPS (Coxmate SX) but as we mainly train on a dock which is 1300m long on unnecessary extra for our needs

7. What did the athletes / cox think?

Coxes found it difficult to put the left foot down when using the foam adapter unless the unit is rotated slightly, this is only down to where the connections attach to the product, if the other mount is used we feel this would no longer be an issue

8. Anything else you want to tell us that could help us improve our service or product range?

Nice headband, more comfortable than NK, better mic.

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