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Quarterly Rowing Club Fundraising Ideas: Draw a Crowd This Summer

Every few months we bring you ideas on activities to help you raise funds for your rowing club … read more

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Every few months we bring you ideas on activities to help you raise funds for your rowing club activities. This quarter our fundraising ideas are all about drawing a crowd and getting them involved with your club. Build funds and PR for your club at the same time while having a lot of fun with these activities:

For loads more detailed ideas and plans on fundraising for your club, pick up The Club Fundraising guide book

Auctionsfundraising rowing events

A couple of caring mothers recently held an auction to raise money for New Zealand Marlborough under-23 and under-19 rowers. An oar, donated and signed by world and Olympic champions Joseph Sullivan and Nathan Cohen, raised $550 for them. A further $200 came from a rugby ball autographed by the All Blacks development squad.
Dig deep in your sheds and reach out to your community for items to sell off in your club auction. This is also a great way to clean out old or unused equipment the club has.

Dog walks

With over $300 raised at the Moultonborough Lions Club dog walk. there’s no reason it can’t do the same for you. Getting funds into the club while getting your rowers together and exercising is the perfect event for a rowing club. This is a very simple and elegant idea that pushes the community to get involved with your club. Get ready to meet your neighbourhood and their tail wagging friends.

Holding a club luau

Have a party in the name of rowing at your club and invite the neighbourhood to come along. Newburgh Rowing Club did this recently and included raffles, contests, and more. Broaden your activities to include all members of families to get the most out of the event. This is another great way to show off your venue and is suitable for a broad range of community members.

quarterly 1

Corporate rowing race

Bring the big businesses in with team building corporate boat races. Your club provides the materials while businesses provide the funds. This gets your club in close contact to potential sponsors while helping their employees bond. Everyone is left with a smile on their face at the end of the day, and probably some new friends as well.

Fishing competitions

As a rowing club you might just have a few spare rowboats around so go and put them to good use. A children’s fishing competition in New Castle (New Hampshire, USA) raised funds for several charities recently and it can do the same for your rowing club. Showing off your club and the passion behind it by including small rowing activities on site, like having child sessions (but be careful not to scare the fish!).

If you’ve had any success with other summer sunshine fundraising activities for your club, leave us a comment and let us know.


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