Katie Godfrey, Interviewee on RowingChat – July 2014

Joining us for an interview on RowingChat this July is Katie Godfrey from NK.

So who is Katie and why should you join this RowingChat?

Katie has won medals in five World Championships as a drummer for the USA Dragonboat team and joined the NK team in 1999 after graduating from Temple University.

A four year coxswain for the Temple women’s crew, Katie continued to coach rowing after graduation and through a rowing contact was offered the job at NK. Selling wind meters sounded just odd enough for her, so she joined the NK team. As Coxswain, drummer, NK Manager, Wildland Firefighter, World Traveler, fondue fan and wife – Katie wears many hats.

This chat will be brilliant for any rowing clubs to hear how Katie works in the world of rowing and for athletes to know how she turned her passion into a career.

Eventbrite - Rowperfect: RowingChat with Katie Godfrey

Chat Goes Live July 30th With Recording Available Soon After

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