Judge for yourself – discussion about dynamic ergos


The Talk Rowing forum is having a (one off) serious day and discussion dynamic ergos.  Read the comments for yourself – here

The Concept 2 Dynamic Ergo

It feels quite different, they have tried to make it so it simulates what happens during the water I.e. the water is more dynamic and faster than the normal c2 at the front end, so it feels really light and slippery during the first part of the leg.drive….therefore the splits are naturally slower at lower rates (and more realistic) however the rate is similar to a racing rate eg around 34 rather than 30.

Interesting – so C2 now realise that an ergo isn’t like rowing and you need a different mechanical movement.

C2 dynamic erg slips at the catch and you float around all over the place on the rail. You see it even on their own video clips. If you want a C2 stick with the tried and trusted model d. Great machine. If you want a dynamic machine then I guess an oartec slider or rp – though the rp seems a bit pricey for a machine that comes with no monitor and looks like it cost £250 to put together. Oartec are new (not seen them before), so not sure what track record they have.

Oartec slider

We tried both and the Oartec feels a bit like Waterrower compared to C2 – soft at the catch and doesn’t really let you get hold of the work [may be due to foot stretcher to seat to handle height ratios].  I also didn’t like having to pull myself back up to front stops which you have to do as the slides are level which the rail isn’t on RP.

I’ve tried the Oartech, the one I used seemed to have the feet set far too high, which made getting to frontstops a bit of a probelm.

Also, I’m not quite sure what the monitor’s splits are based on, I could get a much lower split then on a C2T!

The splits are not the same.  C2 dynamic isn’t the same as a C2 and Oartec isn’t either (tho may be like Waterrower as they’re distributed by the same company].  With RP you know the time is adjusted to your weight, your boat type and will align with your on water times.

The discussion ends with this comment – which i guess will influence take-up of any new equipment.  If you look like a super  star on the old gear, why change?  Until you get beaten and are looking for something to make you go faster…

The trend is if you are good on C2s, you’re probably not going to be willing to chance to another erg because you’re probably proud of your good scores and if you have a lazy coach probably get into top boats just because you do pull a big score.

If, on the other hand, you’re actually interested in rowing and are able to think properly about technique, there is no competition between a C2 and a row perfect. Just try erging on the latter, for God’s sake it uses the right muscles! If you sit for an hour on a C2, you will feel very differently to how you feel after an hour in a boat. You feel soreness in areas you would not feel soreness from actually rowing, and vice versa. Get on a row perfect and you can’t help but row in a normal way, using the right muscles.


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