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“The limits of sport and human endeavour are there to be challenged; after all, if you haven’t visited the unknown, how do you know if it is impossible.”  Guin Batten

These words have been the motivating Guin throughout her life.

In 2000 at the Sydney Olympic Games, Guin made history by being part of the crew that won Britain’s first ever female rowing medal at an Olympic Games. This was the highlight of an international career that spanned 9 years, 2 Olympic Games and 6 World Championships.

Guin also holds the world records for the fastest solo rowing crossing of the English Channel and for crossing the Zero Degree Channel in the Maldives. Both these records are world firsts and the fastest times for both men and women.

Her dreams have been shattered so many times. The most defining was when aged 24, at the very door of making the British Team the GB coaches informed her she was too small and would never be an international rower. Guin switched boat class into the single scull and in 12 months to the  day was ranked 8th in the world. As they say the rest is history.

Guin’s time is shared between FISA, international federation for rowing where she looks after the emerging disciplines of beach and coastal rowing; Henley Royal Regatta, where she is the first women in 175 years to sit on the management committee and as chair of the largest women’s rowing race in the world; the Women’s Eights Head of the River Race.

We are delighted to have Guin join us on RowingChat this Sunday, Dec 11 2016 at 8pm (GMT).

With such a diverse and impressive career thus far, you can bet Guin has a few stories to share!

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  1. Nic Thomas

    Hi Guin,
    I’ve been liaising with James about the upcoming coastal championships in Poole. Many of our towers participated at the world’s in Monaco last year which has resulted in an increased interest across the south west region of Wales.
    Towy Boat Club have hosted the WSRA squad for 3 years and we’re busy trying to get organised.
    I had a few queries to ensure our preparation is on the right track:
    Beach starts and finishes – we have no experience of these whatsoever and need guidance into safe procedure and suitable footstraps on blocks etc. Guidance to boat handlers wouldn’t go a miss either. Advice on this is urgently needed as we have little time to get it right to ensure the safety of our rowers and their boats.
    I also wanted a specific list of safety equipment we need to carry for the event. The row safe document is good for general practice but do we really need to carry flares and radios? ( we do for training unless we have rib over)
    At the world’s buoancies were provided but row safe document refers to life jackets with. Crotch strap secured. We have both types at the club as we use BUOANCY on the yoles and life jackets on our sweep oared fixed seat boats..
    Sorry or all the questions but with the lateness of the race notice being circulated, it has left us little time to prepare, especially considering we have to teach new techniques and have no idea where to start, and how to do it safely.
    Thank you for journey time.
    I would appreciate a speedy reply so we can continue with our preparation.

    1. Rebecca Caroe

      Nic – I have forwarded this to Guin to reply to you offline. Thanks for using Rowperfect and remember to tell us what the answers are!

      1. Rebecca Caroe

        Hi Rebecca

        If you need any more information on Lifejackets then please see the attached Safety Alert, there are more Safety Alerts in the Archive on the British Rowing website. If you follow the links then you will see why we are keen on crotch straps.

        Hi Nic

        I trust that you are using RowSafe 2017 and not an earlier version. You can find this at . I checked and there are only two references to flares. One was in section 7.4.1 where they are in the”optional extras” list for launch safety kits. The other was in section 10.2.1 where they are in the “optional extras” list for gigs. I can easily think of circumstances where they should be carried and circumstances where they need not. It all depends on the circumstances. This is why we rely on the risk assessment approach. One size does not fit all.

        The one thing you have to remember abut RowSafe is that it is guidance. It is up to each cub to decide what safety provisions are needed based on their risk assessment of the planned activity.

        I hope this helps, please let me now if you need anything further.


        Stephen Worley
        Honorary Rowing Safety Adviser
        British Rowing

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