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Here’s the latest news from Australia text below: The picture below shows the eight original Indoor Scullers installed at … read more

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Here’s the latest news from Australia text below:

The picture below shows the eight original Indoor Scullers installed at Pymble Ladies’ College in June 2010 (the machines shown – when new – on the front page of the Rowperfect website). After almost two years of heavy use – up to five sessions a day – and adequate if not exemplary maintenance, they still look (and work) as good as new!

Rowing – Yoga and Meditation on Wheels?

I recently caught a radio segment in which a psychiatrist discussed the value of “thoughtless consciousness”, a form of relaxation achieved by intense focus on the present instant achieved by a form of yoga and meditation. Apparently a recent study has demonstrated improved quality of life as well duration of life in those who achieve it, and the more regularly they achieve it the better the effect. As I listened it struck me that what he was describing sounded an awful lot like what I feel when doing a good long session on the Indoor Sculler; combining the ability to totally relax while allowing the subconscious motor patterns to control all movement. I do wonder whether, if the conscious self is simultaneously entertained by some great music (Cold Chisel springs to mind.) – could the effect be magnified? Just a thought 🙂

Why Stainless Steel?

When developing the Indoor Sculler we often tried to save cost by avoiding stainless steel – and always found we came back to using it. Its wonderful wear qualities, resistance to oxidation and easy care make it the best choice in virtually every part in which we have used it. Every axle (all of them hidden from view so you may not appreciate them) plus the entire bar, the legs, all bolts, and the entire seat base are all solid stainless steel; in total, every Indoor Sculler contains about 18 kilos of stainless steel. If it is ever recycled – and that’s hopefully a very long way off – stainless steel is 100% recyclable too. The eight machines at Pymble Ladies College are now two years old, and working as well as new despite some memorable efforts by students to test the Scullers’ resistance to the kind of “use” only a student can think up….or not think up is probably more accurate!

But I think it’s nice to know that stainless is good for the planet – and at least in the case of the Indoor Sculler, good for you too!
The photo below shows the minimal wear-and-tear visible at the footplate/handle rest area after two years’ use by school rowers

After 2 years of very regular use – with reasonable maintenance – bearings showing only minimal surface wear.

The People We Meet: Vale Sue Sackville

Being involved with sports teams has some great rewards, including of course meeting some wonderful people. Over the past few years we had the pleasure of coaching Sarah and then Leah Sackville, and in the process meeting and becoming friends with their parents Ken and Sue Sackville and Will, Sarah and Leah’s older brother. Ken and Sue became tireless supporters of the Pymble rowing program, always to be found cooking and then cleaning for the girls, always with a smile and a cheerful word – just as they had earlier done for Will’s cricket teams at Sydney Grammar.

Sue passed away last month after battling breast cancer for some years. Throughout her illness she continued her work as Chief Financial Officer for Alzheimer’s New South Wales, as well as continuing to support her family and friends exactly as she had always done. At her funeral we learned that when Sue’s own mother passed away when Sue was 20 years old, she spent the next eight years effectively raising her younger sisters, who both spoke – well, magnificently at her funeral service, as did Ken, Will, Sarah and Leah. The service was actually one of the most inspiring events I have been privileged to attend – a true celebration of a life well lived.

Vale Sue, and thankyou – we will continue to speak of you as though you are still here

Prominent AFL Team – Feedback

We sold two machines to one of the professional Australian Rules Football League teams late last year. We can’t say who, but I can say they are showing great early season form – including a win against last years premiers! The feedback we had has been incredibly gratifying – they have used the machines for both athlete preparation as well as for rehabilitation, including using the ability to row with one leg for their #1 player who was recovering from a leg injury. As they say, great journeys start with a single step.

Session Ideas

Short Sessions:(less than 20 minutes)

  • 10 x 15 strokes full pressure / 15 strokes light. Rate during high pressure strokes not too high
    maximum perhaps R28, but do some at lower rate to work on technique and power
  • 1 x 200, or 2 x 100 strokes@ Stroke Rate 22-26 (with 2 minutes rest between if repeating)

Longer Sessions:

Excellent Warm-up for any longer session but especially if you are planning to do some racing pieces:

30 strokes light then 30@ rate 30, then 1 minute light then 15@R30 then 15@R32 then 15@R34;
always with 10 light strokes between each high rate piece. Repeat twice with 2 minutes total rest between.

Suggested Main Workout:

  • 2 or 3 x 5 minute pieces alternating rate every 30 seconds 24/26/24, or 28/26/28 (changing rate is optional but good for stimulation – if 30 seconds is too short try 1 minute at each rate).
  • Rest between each set should include at least 2 minutes active light paddle, stop for a drink if needed too.
  • Alternate session taking about the same time: 4 x 6 minutes @ 22-24 with rest between 2-5 minutes (until Heart Rate recovers).
About Rebecca Caroe
Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

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